Xvideos is a great collection of offbeat adult content. There are many mainstream clips mixed in with the content, but there is sure to be plenty of quirky video clips. Clips concerning sex swings, amateur clips and domination can be found right on the homepage. The clip is easy to understand. You are given a thumbnail, a title, length of clip and ranking. You can make a really quick decision as to whether you want to watch that clip or not. If you are still unsure, you can hover your mouse over the thumbnail and it will give you a shot by shot synopsis. So, when you click on a video, you are sure to know what the clip is all about. There are no surprises, which makes Xvideos very user friendly.

The emphasis on amateur videos is clear with the tool bar at the top of the homepage. Right away you can connect with a separate page that specializes in amateur content. This takes you to a place where real people make real adult entertainment videos. They upload them to Xvideos and you get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Once you find an amateur clip that you like, you can click through to its video player, enjoy the video and then have an opportunity to rank the clip. This is important because amateur videos aren’t mainstream. There are no amateur porn stars and it is difficult to know what to expect. So, help the community and rank the clips. Keep the best content trending at the top.

You can also get your fill of mainstream content. At the top of the homepage you can click a link that brings you to a list of porn stars. These adult entertainment celebrities have a reputation, so it is easy to know what you are getting yourself into when you follow them. You are taken to a page with thumbnails, names and the amount of videos in each category. This is the place to get your mainstream fill on Xvideos, so there really is something for everyone.

You can also direct yourself at new videos. This link becomes really refreshing if Xvideos becomes your source of adult entertainment. This will prevent you from getting stuck in a rut. You will always have the option of seeing new content. But, if you want the best content that has already been ranked by the community, you have that link too.

Xvideos is an incredibly dynamic site. It specializes in amateur content while giving you a mainstream option. You can instantly see the new stuff while keeping on top of the oldie-but-goodies that have already been ranked. This is a very user friendly adult entertainment site.

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