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Tube8 is making an aggressive move on being the most social of all porn sites on the internet. If you want to join a community made up of people from all over the world with similar interests then this is the site for you. Tube8 has installed many new features just in time for the New Year to enhance the community feel.

Tube8 is the kind of site that allows people to join and make a profile, much like the popular facebook, except there is a twist. You are allowed to upload adult content. You can load pictures of yourself, much like a facebook profile picture, except you can take an adult slant. Then, you can upload your favorite porn clips and let the community talk about them, repost them and grade them. It truly is an adult community.

This site allows you to follow other users. If you find a bunch of videos that you like, and they happen to be uploaded by the same user, you can choose to follow that user. You will be updated whenever new content is uploaded. This will keep you in the loop, a part of community, and it will give you the best videos for your taste over and over again.

Another feature that brings the community together is the comment tracker. When you join the community you want to have interactions with others. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make comments on your favorite videos and then follow the responses. You are likely to find others on the community with similar tastes, but, just to make sure you don’t lose track of your comments, Tube8 has introduced comment tracking. This feature will automatically bring you back to your comments whenever you want. You’ll be able to see how the community reacts to your ideas. You’ll be able to keep on top of all your transactions.

The site itself is easy to use. You get the idea that this is a community website right off the bat. All the videos are categorized by what is trending at the moment. The community presents you the videos by how much they watch each and every video. The most watched videos trend toward the top so feel free to jump right in, join the community and start to comment and rank the videos yourself. You can have your opinion heard on Tube8.

Tube8 is one of the best adult websites for adult entertainment fans who want to be a part of a community. You can have a profile, interact with other users and your opinions matter when it comes to ranking the videos on the site. You can even start uploading your favorite clips to control the content on Tube8.

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