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Pornhub is a social networking type of adult site. People can create profiles but, more importantly, the videos on the site are ranked. This is what gives it that social networking feel in that trending videos, the best videos, will always rise to the top. Any videos that contain too much advertising or videos of poor quality will sink to the bottom. The Pornhub community will determine the quality.

The trending videos hit you right away on the homepage. The six most recently watched videos are separated at the top of the page. This will give you a good idea of what the community is watching right now. If you click on one of those videos it will take you to a separate page with a healthy sized player. Underneath the player, you will see trending comments from community members.

People from all over the world join Pornhub to join the adult entertainment conversation. It is a place where you can contribute your ideas concerning the latest videos and it is also a place where you can meet people with similar tastes. Members of both genders comment frequently, you can look up their profile, and you can contact them with a private message if you’d like.

When you join Pornhub you join a community of people that all like adult entertainment, but there are plenty of options for the casual user. The videos are broken up into many different categories. You can find the list of categories by clicking on the link at the top of the homepage. You can scroll through the categories through the thumbnails list, but the list of categories is always available at the left of the screen. You can find a wide variety of categories on this site, and you are likely to find a category that will satisfy your adult entertainment craving.

When you click on one of your categories you will find an easily navigable list of videos. The great thing about Pornhub is that the advertising is completely separate from the videos list. It would be very difficult to click on a link that will take you away form the site if you don’t want that. Once you find the video that you like you can click it and it will take you through to another page. The video player is huge, and you can skip through longer videos to find your favorite parts.

Below the video player, you’ll find a list of similar videos. This way you can bounce around your favorite flavor of adult entertainment during your entire visit and you could be led to older videos that have trended away from the top. Overall, this site offers really great videos, is easily navigable and has a great sized video player.

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